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22 October 2017



Watermark Training and Consultancy is a specialist training, capacity building and technical consultancy for principally the water and environment industry in New Zealand, South East Asia and Pacific countries.

Geoff Mills the owner /manager of Watermark Training and Consultancy has extensive experience in the water industry in New Zealand and overseas. Geoff initially with the then Ministry of Works set up waterTECH as a joint venture with the Royds Consulting Environmental group became a Principal of Royds and then Montgomery Watson after the merger of the two companies.

Geoff has now developed Watermark Training and Consultancy as the 'water and overseas capacity' building arm of Intercultural Effectiveness NZ Ltd (ICENZ Ltd ) a parent company with a focus on capacity building in conjunction with his wife Gretta.


The current emphasis for ICENZ Ltd is Tertiary Education Commission (TEC ) courses and developing other courses to meet the needs of the local community. Further information will be available on the ICENZ web site ( currently under development.) ICENZ is registered as a Private Training Establishment (PTE) with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and under that banner Watermark Training and Consultancy offers its range of training programmes.

The combined skills of ICENZ and Watermark Training and Consultancy are used to identify employer, workplace and individual needs and then to target the 'foundation skills, underpinning knowledge and practical upskilling' required.

Technical & Human Resource Consultancy in New Zealand

The training role complements Watermarks consultancy role in the water and environmental fields. Watermark through Geoff Mills has extensive experience in water supply particularly water treatment and water quality issues in New Zealand. The complementary roles of training and technical consultancy can provide a holistic package for clients in some circumstances or alternatively clients can benefit from the extensive technical experience of particularly Geoff Mills .

Watermark also provides capacity building consultancy at any level ranging from organisational reviews, training needs analysis through to associated strategic plans.

Technical & Human Resource Consultancy in Developing Countries

Geoff Mills through Watermark has been involved on many projects on a part time basis over some 20 years in developing countries both in the technical fields of water supply and water treatment but also in institutional development through capacity building . This experience covers mainly South East Asia and the Pacific.

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