2011-13 | ‘Surf & Learn’ Intensive Literacy, Language, Numeracy and Information Technology (LLNIT) & ESOL

ICENZ Limited funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) to provide adult upskilling programmes in the Rangitikei. One-day-per-week ‘Surf & Learn’ programmes operate in Marton and Taihape. Taihape ‘Surf & Learn’ programme operates in collaboration with Ruapehu REAP (Rural Education Activities Programme). Marton ‘Surf & Learn’ ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) programme resumed 2012, also funded for 2013. ESOL Programme suitable for learners at beginner/intermediate level. Learners must be New Zealand citizens or have resident status.

2010 | ‘Surf & Learn’ Intensive Literacy, Language, Numeracy and Information Technology (LLNIT) & ESOL

ICENZ Limited funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) to provide adult upskilling programmes in the Rangitikei. Some programmes built on pilot projects started in 2009 whilst others involved new groups in Marton and at Ratana Pa.

2009 | Foundation Literacy Programmes

ICENZ Limited funded by the TEC Foundation Learning Pool 2009. These group programmes included “Pasifika In Aotearoa” (ESOL, kiwi culture, driver licence theory, literacy/numeracy for Samoan migrants to Marton) and “Surf, Drive & Learn” programmes in Marton and at Ratana Pa (effective use of computers/internet, critical thinking & problem solving, literacy, language and numeracy).

2008-2010 | DOL Upskilling Partnership Programme (UPP)

ICENZ Limited was involved in a pilot programme for SME workplace LLNIT (literacy, language, numeracy and computing/internet foundation skill development). The pilot programme involved two small transport companies based in Marton and Auckland and an infrastructure company based in Marton. This programme used a mixed delivery system to upskill individual employees and managers in workplace specific LLNIT, communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills required to improve workplace efficiency and job satisfaction.

2008 | Building Officials Institute NZ (BOINZ)

In 2008, ICENZ Limited provided a series of professional development seminars on behalf of the BOINZ training academy. These one day seminars/workshops for building officials included: “becoming a better communicator”, “conflict resolution and mediation” and “surviving the changing workplace”. Courses were scheduled and held “on demand” throughout New Zealand.

2007-present | Rangitikei Enterprises Limited (RE)

ICENZ Limited has a memorandum of understanding with a Marton based transport company, Rangitikei Enterprises. Rangitikei Enterprises also trades as RED Team Driver Education & Training, Rangitikei Wheelie Bins and RiverCity Rubbish. ICENZ Limited, in association with Rangitikei Enterprises, provides NZQA registered qualifications for the road transport and logistics and infrastructure industries. The company has two highly experienced manager/drivers who are also qualified NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) registered driving instructor and assessors for a range of licences: Class 1-5, DG, F, W,T,R.

2001-2005 | Training Opportunity Programme Provider

ICENZ Limited, trading as RED Team (Rangitikei Employment & Development), contracted with SkillNZ, and then TEC, to provide five Training Opportunity (TO) programmes for eligible southern Rangitikei Work and Income NZ clients. These very successful, holistic foundation skill programmes provided opportunities for students, aged from 16-50+ years, to improve their literacy, language, numeracy, communication skills, problem-solving, employment skills, computing and critical thinking skills. Course participants worked towards completing NCEA-1, NCES and NC in Computing (Level 2). Participants completed work experience placements and were given the opportunity to obtain a first aid certificate, a learner car licence and driving lessons to achieve a restricted car licence.

2001-2004 | Work and Income NZ Short Course Provider

ICENZ Limited contracted with Work and Income NZ to provide five holistic, intensive foundation skills short courses for WINZ clients. Foundation learning on these courses included: learner licences; driving lessons; restricted licences; first aid; introduction to computers and the internet; and the opportunity to gain NQF credits in literacy, language, numeracy, law education, communication skills and computing.