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WATERMARK is the industry leader for the delivery of pool water quality training for swimming pool complexes throughout New Zealand.


  • Monitor Pool Water Quality ( MPQ) 

  • Certificated Pool Water Quality Courses  

  • Confined Space 

  • Health and Safety 

  • Small/Rural Water Supplies 

  • Sampling: Water/Wastewater

  • Courses to meet your requirements- NZQA Unit Standards, On-job training, In-house training 

Proud Partners

Water Sector Consultancy & Industry Training Specialists 

Our Services

Watermark Training & Consultancy is a specialised training consultancy for the swimming pool industry in New Zealand.

Our personalised service for clients ranging from small business to industry and local government in the water and public swimming pool sector provides cost effective and innovative solutions. Watermark's expertise and methodology has assisted hundreds of organisations to improve efficiency.

Swimming Pools

  • Water quality training 

  • Pool water quality troubleshooting 

  • Pool treatment optimisation

  • Life-cycle costing

  • Contract preparation/supervision

  • O&M

  • Preparation of SOPs  and Pool Water Safety Plans ( WSPs)

  • Peer review of designs

  • Audits and risk management 

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Water Treatment Courses

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