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WATERMARK Training and Consultancy exists to solve water supply and water quality problems and recommend treatment options for our rural, Local Authority and householder/lifestyle block clients.   Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of technical and advisory services to help organisations facilitate change and optimise performance and productivity.  

We also design and deliver innovative training  solutions from institutional and organisational reviews, to training needs analysis to on-job training, NZQA unit standard courses and tailored in-house training for the water sector.

WATERMARK is  an industry leader for the delivery of  pool water quality training for Swimming Pool Complexes throughout NZ.


  • Monitor Pool Water Quality ( MPQ) 

  • Certificated Pool Water Quality Courses  

  • Confined Space 

  • Health and Safety 

  • Small/Rural Water Supplies 

  • Sampling: Water/Wastewater

  • Courses to meet your requirements- NZQA Unit Standards, On-job training, In-house training 

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Swimming Pools

  • Water quality training 

  • Pool water quality troubleshooting 

  • Pool treatment optimisation

  • Life-cycle costing

  • Contract preparation/supervision

  • O&M

  • Preparation of SOPs  and Pool Water Safety Plans ( WSPs)

  • Peer review of designs

  • Audits and risk management 

Water Quality, Water Supply & Water Infrastructure

  • Assessing environmental water quality

  • Solving water quality and treatment problems

  • Strategic reviews and audits 

  • Water Safety Plans

  • O&M and SOPs 

  • Water quality investigations for industrial rural and urban sites.

  • Water treatment feasibility studies  and design.


Human Resource Management

  • Change Management

  • Train the Trainer

  • Organisational/Institutional analysis 

  • Training needs analysis 

  • Improved communications= efficiency and productivity

  • SOPs 

Overseas  Consultancy

Geoff Mills has used his skills and knowledge in 15 Asia-Pacifica countries over a 25 year period:

  • Water sector technical roles - water quality, water treatment & O/M are specialist niches.

  • institutional analysis & strengthening

  • Organisational development 

  • Human resource development 

  • Training Needs Analysis 

  • Training programme development 

  • Change management 

  • Capacity development 


Creative Solutions

Watermark Training & Consultancy is a specialised training, capacity building and technical consultancy for the swimming pool, water and environment  industry in New Zealand, South East Asia and Pacific regions.

Our personalised service for clients ranging from small business to industry and Local Government in the water and public swimming pool sector provides cost effective and innovative solutions. 

Watermark's institutional and organisational expertise  and methodology has assisted with 'changing ' organisations with an end result of improved productivity.

Watermark is accredited with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority ( NZQA) through parent company ICENZ Ltd as a Training Provider


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